Pro Account

Pro Account

As part of the Pro Membership with Cybernetics Technology qualifies you as a owner of an IT company where you can start accepting your very own clients. You will be responsible for managing the clients and we will provide you with every support and tools that you need to perform this responsibility. As far the actually development process goes pertaining your client requirements, you can simply leave that to us. You will get regular updates and notification on everything you and your client needs to know.

You will be able to take following client work
Website Development
Application Development

(Note: Mobile App development is also in the pipeline and coming up soon)

These are the technology that we specialize in:

Dot Net
Photoshop, and many more

Often times your clients are indifferent to what technology stack we use, however some clients might have a preference and we can definitely tailor to thier needs. Our Project Central feature allows you to mange your projects and individual tasks and with real time notifications so that you are always upto date on every activities that you will be interested in.

To be part of our Pro Membership requires registration and this process could take anywhere from couple of days to couple of weeks. This program is more affordable than our Plus Program . The major difference between the 2 is that Plus program also allows you to manage other Pro Affiliates on top of an ability to manage clients. We recommend starting with Pro Affiliate program to get you feet wet and be familiar with the business model, unless you are attracted to managing affiliates instead of managing clients. Besides, you always have an option to upgrade at any given time.

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