Why Cybernetics Technology?

Cybernetics Technology simply is a platform to connect businesses and application developers. Cybernetics is also a facilitator for establishing effective communication channels between all parties invoved. It is a gatekeeper for quality control where we continually exceed expectations from our affiliates and clients. Please checkout our affiliate program to see how you can be part of this process and be in a technology business for yourself.
  1. The first step is to register with us by filling out a short form.
  2. Your affiliation request will be reviewed by us for approval.
  3. You will recieve an email from us providing you the user id and password to log into our site.
  4. Once logged in you will have an ability to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.
  5. We will call you during the scheduled appointmnet and if you decided to move forward, we can officially enroll you into the program.
  6. We will provide all the supporting and training materials that you might need.
  7. You can start enrolling clients right away and start reaping the benefits of being an affiliate.

What Cybernetics Technology Offers?

Cybernetics Technology is a software provider that will build websites, provide software applications, web/mobile applications, do social marketing for clients, design graphics and logos. Cybernetics Technology is also a staffing solutions company.

Cybernetics Technology will take any client projects that has to do with web,software, and mobile applications development along with social marketing and also provide staffing solution where it places right resources to the right organization and right projects. We help affiliates be successful in their endeavors of expanding the clientbase with marketing tools and tips and also fulfill their needs. Cybernetics Technollogy also provides several hundred templates for your clients to choose from; they can customize the entire look and feel of their software. Not sure how to start? No worries. You will be able to access all training and support material which are updated on a regular basis.

Why this is the right time.

  • It is hard to imagine any organization without an online presence. Even entrepreneurs such as band members, photographers, athletes, etc are always looking for webmasters to build their websites.
  • Websites are not as sluggish as they used to be one time anymore because technology offers a whole lot more choices these days. People and organizations are more dependent on technology for research, product choices, service choices and virtually anything you can imagine. Cybernetics Technology is evolving to be a one stop shop for all these needs.
  • t is easier than ever before to be a franchise of Cybernetics Technology with reduced infrastructure. Thanks to the Moore’s law which states that every 18 months the computer will be twice as powerful or half as expensive. Not to mention our lower resource cost which is the combination of in-house and outsourced development. The end result - reduced barrier to enter for you to be an affiliate!

Who is the ideal Cybernetics Technology Franchisee?

Franchising with Cybernetics Technology will present you with an opportunity where sky is the limit. However, this franchise will not work by itself, at least at the beginning. It will require your personal commitment, dedication, superb communication abilities, and good organizational skills.

  • Here are the traits for an Ideal Franchisee
  • You have at least 5-10 hours you can spend every week on a consistent basis for different efforts.
  • You are able and willing to keep up with the exciting development thats pushed out on a daily basis so that you and your clients can benefit from it.
  • You or your representative is able to spend time either on the phone or in person to communicate with the client to understand their technical needs.
  • Spend some time on social and other marketing media co-branding your product.

Low Risk, High Reward?

  • Every software including graphics that we build will be safely delivered to the clients either directly to them or thorough you. If a client chooses to host their websites through us, they will be placed and protected in the secure servers with state of the art firewall and secure socket layers depending on the sensitivity of the materials and the data. Some sites will be hosted in GoDaddy server however most will reside in AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is the cloud computing environment which provides redundant clusters for failover so that the clients data is always safe.
  • Our work and client data is also protected by our professional liability insurance upto $1M. Basically you have a piece of mind as you have your full support from you and do everything to protect you in case of any incidents, though they will be very unlikely.
  • You incur a small fee every month to stay in the program however this is what you will get
  • Our Cybernetic website co-branded as your own.
  • ITI - Project Central tool to help you manage projects, clients, and billing.
  • Access to any training and supporting materials that ITI comes up with.
  • Software updates to any software provided to you as part of the affiliate program in a regular basis. ITI runs rapid agile which means updates can happen every night.
  • Support via telephone or email, anytime you need any kind of assistance.

Comprehensive Training and Support? The moment you sign up with Cybernetics we will setup your login for our system we call Project Central.

With Project Central you will be able to manage projects, clients, billing, and reports. We will also send you all supporting documents, faqs, and video tutorial. We would like you to review the material within couple of weeks of your signing up. We will schedule a working session between you and Cybernetic shortly after to help you get started and answer any questions that you might have.

You are also welcome to utilize the forums provided by Project Central. You can either post a general question visible to anyone so that one of our members can answer the question for you or you can even direct you question to one of the staff members of Cybernetics. You will also have opportunity of pose questions from any sections that might be visiting at a time from Project Central whether that be Project level, task level, etc giving you ability to ask questions pertaining to the materials that you are visiting.

Besides forums you can always get your instantaneous answers via either a phone call to us or emails - whatever you prefer.

Any new publications that evolve pertaining to training and support will be immediately available to you once surfaces. Any new software updates will also be immediately available to you once released.

Why Should I Join a Franchise vs going into Business by Myself?

Cybernetics Technology brings many things to the table including cost savings. You could certainly go into your own business as a technology company, however we will save you from headaches and frustrations in multiple levels. Here are some of the advantages and benefits that you would receive.

ITI runs a very efficient organization with mixed national and international resources of varying skill sets. ITI is continuous mentoring program where junior developers are always benefiting from the expertise of the seniors, which helps them quickly come up to speed. This balance of mix resources provides you a significant cost advantage several times compared to traditional IT organization in US.

Every project that we work on will be updated daily. Any progress that we made will be live on a daily basis. This is a significant departure from traditional ways to doing things where client have to wait for weeks and months, in some cases, to see progress.

Since ITI already has absorbed all legal and other costs associated with setting up and running a software company you do not have to worry about any infrastructure, resources, legal setups, and myriads of other things that comes with a software company. You will make resource available to you any projects that you bring in, we will support you every step of the way, provide you all training and support materials, help you with marketing, and share the revenue with you - all for a small affiliate program fees.

IIT is always looking for ways to better its processes either via building new software that benefits anyone needs to utilize it of adopting process such as ADMIT (Agile Development Methodology by Cybernetics) which utilizes Japanese lean and Kanban principles to actually get the work done in most efficient ways. More efficiency and more saving for us always will trickle down to you as more saving, more clients, and efficient processes.

ITI covers most online needs - it basically is a one stop shop for websites, graphics, logos, banners, web applications, enterprise applications, domain purchase, website hosting, social media marketing, templates design, mobile app development, resources placement, etc. You can benefit from any of the services that we provide.

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